COVID-19 Facts

About Covid-19

  • SARS-CoV-2 is the name of the new coronavirus discovered in late 2019.
  • Is the virus that causes the disease called COVID-19, short for “Coronavirus Disease of 2019.”
  • In most people, the virus mainly affects the respiratory tract, but we are still learning about all of the ways it impacts the human body.
  • People can carry this virus and transmit it to others, even when they do not have any symptoms themselves.
  • Some people do not show any symptoms (“asymptomatic”). Some people have a mild to moderate infection and can recover at home. Other people may have a more severe illness and need to be treated in the hospital.

Other Social and structural factors impacting COVID Risk

  • People of color are overrepresented in essential service industries with increased exposure
  • Low-wage jobs often do not provide:
    Health Insurance
    Paid sick leave
    Options to work from home
    Other benefits (e.g., retirement savings)
  • Residential Segregation
    People of color are more likely to live in residentially segregated settings with high housing density
    Poor access to healthy foods
    More multigenerational households with limited space
  • Increased levels of Chronic Stress
    Resulting from structural racism, increased incidence of violence, everyday aggression, and trauma