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Concern: The COVID-19 vaccine is not safe because it was created too fast.

Expert Answer: 'These vaccines were not rushed and I understand why people may not want to be the first in line to get the vaccine but what I can tell you is, you are not the first in line. Millions and millions of people have received these vaccines, they are extremely safe as far as vaccines go." - Dr. Lisa Morici, Ph.D. I Microbiologist

Concern: I already had COVID-19, so I do not need the vaccine.

Expert Answer: "So, it's not entirely clear with an antibody test that's positive [that it] is equal to protection ... So, as a result, we recommend that all Americans who are eligible get the vaccine, regardless of whether or not they have COVID. If nothing else, if you get the vaccine, even though you had COVID a few months before, you will probably be even more immune, and you'll have more protection, so yes, go ahead and get the vaccine as soon as you can." - Dr. David Mushatt, M.D. I Infectious Disease Expert

Concern: The COVID-19 vaccine gives you the virus.

Expert Answer: "The vaccines do not cause COVID-19, these are not live viruses, they cannot cause the disease." - Dr. Lisa Morici, Ph.D. I Microbiologist

Concern: There are severe side effects to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Expert Answer: "And, like all vaccines, yes, these vaccines do cause side effects but they're mostly minor: sore arm fatigue, maybe a headache, maybe chills. Some people have a fever, but these are all minor side effects; again, it's that your body is responding appropriately as it should, to the vaccination and you should feel good if you have minor side effects because it means your body's mounting an immune response." - Dr. Lisa Morici, Ph.D. I Microbiologist

"I received my vaccine, my arm was a little sore but that's about it, I felt fine. Some patients will get a fatigue sensation, and low-grade fever, others may even have a flu-like symptom, but this is not really a side effect or complication. In terms of the side effects, then I'll summarize, there don't appear to be any major safety concerns other than those persons who have a history of anaphylaxis." - Dr. Keith Ferdinand, M.D. I Clinical Cardiologist

Concern: I don’t need to wear a mask after I get vaccinated.

Expert Answer:  "The concern is, people who have been vaccinated, still being able to transmit the virus to others that still have not been vaccinated. But once we achieve herd immunity, then we will be able to move towards a normal life. Yes, it is important to still wear a mask after getting vaccinated." - Dr. Christopher Sylvain, RPH I Clinical Pharmacist I Pastor

Concern: The COVID-19 vaccine contains microchips to control us.

Expert Answer: "The vaccines also do not carry microchips to track you. This is another one that was being spread. As you guys might imagine, a microchip is very, very tiny but these nano-sized vaccines that we are using are a thousand times smaller. A microchip would not even fit in the vaccine." -Dr. Lisa Morici, Ph.D. I Microbiologist

Concern: The COVID-19 vaccine will change my DNA.

Expert Answer: "The fact that these vaccines are based on Nucleic acid, mRNA for example, it does not mean it is going to integrate into your D A. There is O evidence for that. These virus vectors being used cannot integrate into our genes. The mRNA is not the same thing as D A, in fact, it doesn't even interact with DNA. So, I can tell you that there is no evidence and no likelihood that these vaccines will integrate into your DNA. It can't replicate or integrate into our D A." - Dr. Lisa Morici, Ph.D. I Microbiologist

Concern: COVID-19 vaccines will cause infertility or miscarriages.

Expert Answer: "There is no scientific evidence for this whatsoever, in fact, there were multiple women in the Pfizer vaccine who became pregnant. This is a myth that is being spread on social media." -Dr. Lisa Morici, Ph.D. I Microbiologist

Concern: I have underlying health conditions, the COVID-19 vaccine is not safe for me.

Expert Answer: "But it [The COVID-19 vaccine] appears to be safe and effective and in subgroup analysis across the gender, race, ethnicity, [and] people with pre-existing medical conditions. I think the data overwhelming shows that the vaccines are safe and effective." -Dr. Keith Ferdinand, M.D. J Clinical Cardiologist

Concern: COVID-19 vaccines were developed using fetal tissue.

Expert Answer: "The approved vaccines, the mRNA vaccines, that are being distributed in the United States right now, were not made with any fetal cells or tissue. The reason that there is a lot of information on that on social media right now is that atrial viruses use a fetal cell line to basically grow the atrial virus but that fetal cell line was derived 40 years ago and so I can tell you that there were no fetuses harmed anytime recently for the purpose of making the COVID-19 vaccines." - Dr. Lisa Morici, Ph.D. I Microbiologist

Concern: How much is the COVID-19 vaccine going to cost me?

Expert answer: "No one actually has to pay for the vaccine, they are asking for insurance information if people have it but the vaccine is free. This particular vaccine is free, is safe, and it will be available." - Dr. Christopher Sylvain, RPH. I Clinical Pharmacist and Pastor.