Clinical Trials

Communities of color learn more about why clinical trials need diverse participants.

Vaccine Trials

Dr. David Mushatt, chief of Tulane University School of Medicine’s Adult Infectious Diseases Section, details the need for multiple Covid-19 clinical trials.

Treatment Studies

Treatment Studies

Donate Plasma

Convalescent Plasma

Donated by people fully recovered from COVID-19, this plasma contains antibodies that attack the virus.

It’s currently being used as a treatment for those seriously ill with COVID-19.

Donating Plasma

Have you tested positive for COVID-19? Do you know that the antibodies you developed to beat COVID-19 can help us study how to save lives? You can Get Involved by donating your plasma to develop preventative treatments for those most vulnerable in our community.

Additional Educational Info

Signs and Symptoms of Long COVID

Hand-washing and coronavirus prevention for children: Encourage your kids to become hand-washing superheroes!

Mayo Clinic Minute: Why getting vaccinated for the flu is doubly important this season

Long COVID or Post-COVID Conditions